Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Vamps Concert 2016

For absolutely ages and ages and ages now, I've been wanting to see The Vamps in concert. And finally on the 25th of March I had the honor of doing so

I hope you enjoy my concert experience :)

I can well and truly say that The Vamps are a band that are meant to be touring and performing live. Let's face it, their albums are incredible, but it's one thing hearing their music on the radio, and a different thing seeing them in concert. Their stage presence and energy whilst performing will only leave you mind-blown after watching.

I really hope you enjoyed watching my vlog, I had so much fun filming it and sharing my experience with you guys. The song of the day is I Found A Girl by The Vamps, because I think it's my favourite song of theirs at the moment. They are simply a must-see-band and I will most definitely be trying to get tickets to every single one of their tours from now. Have you ever seen The Vamps live before?

Izzy K xxx