Sunday, 14 February 2016

All Time Low Concert

Yesterday, on the 13th of February, I was super duper excited because it was both my first concert of the year, and first concert of being an adult. I went to watch All Time Low perform at the Barclay Card Arena in Birmingham and it was truly the life experience.

I was going to vlog the concert last night but I just didn't get round to doing it, and I was also gonna take lot's of pictures but my phone didn't take good quality ones in the arena. So all photo's are from Georgie.

Now I must confess to a little something here. All Time Low were not a band that I was very familiar with before I brought the tickets to the show. Now before you all start to ask "then why did you buy the tickets" I thought I'll explain that my friend Georgie really wanted to go last year. Since she was devastated that she couldn't make it last year, I promised her that if they ever tour again I'd go with her. And I do have to admit, that Georgie has a wicked taste in music, so I had pretty high hopes for the band anyway. 

Don't worry though, by the time the actual concert came about, I listened to their music and I must say I like what I heard. Their support act was another band from the same home town as them called Good Charlotte. These were one of the best support acts I've seen at a concert, because they really got the audience excited for the show. Sometimes I feel like support acts can drag on a bit, but their performance actually seemed to go by quite quick.

From listening to their hits on Spotify, I had already got to know a few of the songs and I had already got a few favourites. I was really really happy to see that they played all my favourite songs of theirs too at the concert. 

You know how some acts are better on their album then live? Well that was not the case at all for ATL because they are honestly born performers. They had the whole crowd singing along to their songs and jumping about. There were even a lot of mosh pits going on in the standing area, which were just hilarious (and pretty fascinating lol) to watch from our seats in the arena. And the boys themselves were just plain hilarious. They kept cracking "your mum" jokes and bad puns on stage, and anyone that knows me well knows I love that sense of humour.

All in all I had an awesome time at the concert last night. All Time Low have definitely got a new fan (because apparently I don't fangirl over enough bands already). The song of the day is Dancing With A Wolf by All Time Low, because it's my favourite song of theirs. Let me know in the comments what you think of this band,

Izzy K xxx