Sunday, 28 June 2015

Starting To Wear Makeup (Beau Blogger Collaboration)

As I'm sure you all know, I'm part of the wonderful blogging community called Beau Bloggers. Recently, I took part in the blogging challenge where I was paired up with the wonderful Erin from The Art Of Being Invisible to write a post around the theme "A problem and a solution". Her blog is beautifully written and you are guaranteed to always get a good read from it. We both came up with this theme because we think it is very relatable. 

The problem for this post was "when to start wearing makeup" because it's something both me and Erin could relate to. Erin has just started to wear makeup and she posted about the issue here! I really recommend checking that post out because it's so relatable to anyone that's been in that position. I wanted to write about this problem too, because I wish I had received a bit more advice when I was first starting out.  

The first point I'd like to make is that the only reason you should start to wear makeup is because you want to. Let me repeat that, BECAUSE YOU WANT TO! There should be no other reason to wear makeup. Not because you think your crush will like you more if you do, not because all your friends are, not because your favourite celebrity wears makeup, or for any other reason. It's your body so only you should decide what to do with it.

Now on to the question "when should I start wearing makeup". I think this is different for everybody. Personally, I started wearing makeup when I was 14 because I have a baby face and I thought it would make me look older (another stupid reason so please don't do that). I don't think there is a "correct age" to wear makeup. The only thing I will say is that the longer you wait before starting to wear makeup the more your skin will thank you for it.

This links in to my next topic of what makeup to wear when you first start. Makeup is great fun, and I know it's tempting to want to try everything out there, but I would definitely suggest wearing something light to start off with. That will ensure that your skin will stay as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. My advice would be to avoid foundation, because it completely ruins your skin. You will get trapped in an endless cycle where you wear foundation and then get bad skin, so you wear more foundation to cover the bad skin, which gives you more bad skin etc...

I didn't know when or how to start wearing a full face of makeup. For example, I didn't want to go into school with no makeup one day, and then startle everyone by going in with a full face the next day. I'd recommend starting off with a little and then building it up day by day, week by week. Maybe start off with mascara and concealer, and then add more things such as eyeliner into your routine later on if you want to.

I was also kind of scared of what people would say once I started. I was always fascinated by makeup but people knew that I didn't wear it on a daily basis. I thought that people would say something or think it was strange if I suddenly started wearing loads. But honestly, no one seemed to care. So if you want to start wearing makeup but you're not sure when you want to start, I would say just go for it. Why not just spice up your life and try something new? 

And finally I'd just like to mention that I'm never trying to force or convince people that they have to wear makeup. I don't want to seem like a hypocrite either because I always post about it. Some people's hobbies are football, some people's are playing guitar, mine simply is trying out makeup. I post makeup posts because I think it will appeal to other people who like to try makeup, not because I'm trying to convince anyone that they need it. 

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope it was in someway useful if you are thinking about starting to wear makeup. The song of the day (as chosen by Erin) is Lonely People by Orla Gartland. Please check out Erin's post about this topic and her blog if you haven't already. She writes so beautifully and all her posts are honestly so interesting. Please feel free to leave any tips of your own in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts? xxx