Sunday, 29 March 2015

McBusted Concert! (contains a few spoilers)

Yesterday, on the 28th March 2015, I went to see McBusted in concert for the first time. For those of you that don't know, McBusted are a supergroup formed between McFly and Busted. Their members are Tom Fletcher, James Bourne, Danny Jones, Harry Judd, Matt Willis and Dougie Poynter. 

Unfortunately, the camera on my phone does not adjust well to lighting at concerts so I couldn't take any decent photos myself. That's why I'm not including any pictures of the actual concert itself in this post and I'm not going to take credit for any other pictures that I have used. But at least I don't need photos to remember this occasion as the memories of last night will permanently be engraved in my brain. 

The reason that I was extra excited about seeing this particular band is because I have been a fan of them for 12 years. Yes 12 whole years ladies and gentlemen! I practically grew up listening to them as both McFly and Busted have been around since I was 5. In fact, one of my fondest, earliest memories is listening to "Crashed The Wedding" by Busted at my 6th Birthday party. And lets face it you couldn't have grown up in the UK in the 00s without jamming out to songs like Year 3000 and Star Girl. 

Let's be honest, we all used to jam 
out to this in our rooms didn't we?

I really loved how they sang a mixture of their old and new songs. I absolutely love their new album, but because I didn't see them last year I didn't want to miss out on the experience of listening to their classic stuff live. They had a great set list starting out with Air Guitar which was followed by songs like Air Hostess, What I Go To School For, Obviously (my personal fave), Hate Your Guts, What Happened To Your Band, Beautiful Girls Are The Loneliest and many, many more. And of course they had to finish off with their absolutely amazing tune, Year 3000. Hearing that song live after so many years actually almost brought a tear to my eye!

I'm so lucky to have these to remember this night

There were lots of concert highlights for me. Their dance moves for starters were amazing because they just seemed so fun and full of energy throughout the whole thing. I also loved the whole theme of the concert as it was sort of computer game themed which just seemed so them if you know what I mean. Also the whole stage was set up like a working arcade machine and they obviously had to have a go on it in the middle of the show which was hilarious. The funniest bit of the concert had to be when Crashed The Wedding played and they got all dressed up. And when I say dressed up I mean in like full-on wedding dresses haha!

The only upsetting thing that happens when you see a fantastic concert is that you get post concert depression afterwards. That's definitely happening to me at the moment because that was one of the best concerts I've ever been to. All I'm going to be doing for the next few weeks is watching videos from the concerts (that other people took), listening to their album and singing my heart out to McBusted songs. My Mum already shouted at me for singing too loudly and waking my family up when I came back from the concert...woops!

I'm going to finish this post off because its getting quite late. I know I should be going to sleep but I just have a ringing in my ear from the music and an adrenaline rush from watching one of the best bands ever perform. The song of the day is Air Hostess because it's been stuck in my head ever since their performance of it.  Thanks for reading this post, I really loved writing it and remembering the whole show xxx