Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hello, My Name Is Izzy, I'm A Blogger And Here's Why...

Hello lovely person reading this! The reason I am writing this post is because I didn't want to sit down and physically tell people about my little blog. I thought I would just write one post explaining everything and then link people to it. If I haven't told you about this in real life, and you just happen to stumble across my blog, please don't be offended. It's not that I don't trust you or like you enough to tell you, it's just I didn't want to bother you with something you may not be that interested in reading in the first place. I think you can tell from this introduction alone that this will be a long post so without further ado lets just get started...

As this is a personal post I thought I'd share
 a collage of my glorious selfies that my friend made!

As you most likely know my name is Izzy and I am obsessed with the internet. Just over a year ago, in January 2014, I thought that it might be fun to start documenting my thoughts online. I really didn't think much of it at first; it was just a silly little hobby.

When I first started I was extremely shy about my blog and also my YouTube channel. I'm not the sort of person that's like "Hey I do this thing which I think is pretty cool, go check it out". I really don't mind not being the center of attention; in fact I rather prefer just blending away in the background. But with that said I actually feel like I am at the point where I can start to tell a few more people. It's become such a huge part of my life and it feels strange not sharing the experience. 

I'll be the first one to admit that this isn't exactly the best written or most professional blog (I'm still working on making my writing gooder!) If you happen to know me in real life you will know that I never showed much of a passion for reading and writing. It may seem really random that I have a blog in that case, but trust me its a bigger shock to myself than anyone else. 

There wasn't a specific reason why I started in the first place. A couple of factors just started to accumulate until I gave in to the blogging world. The main reason was because I had started a YouTube channel a couple of months before hand but I was waaaaayyyy to scared to post proper videos. I don't think I had even posted a video of me speaking. I then found out that many YouTubers that I admire had started off by writing a little blog. For me that sounded ideal because it was like making videos but without talking or even having to show your face! It was at this point when I started reading blog post after blog post and became hooked. There was no way I wouldn't at least try it for myself.

Now you may be wondering what I actually write about. The answer to that is on my lifestyle blog Izzy K, I pretty much write about anything and everything. I write about what I've been enjoying lately, whats been stressing me out, things I found interesting and even little day in the life posts. Don't you worry, I never share too much personal information such as my address. Actually why not share that? My house number is 46....jk jk I wouldn't share stuff like that. Sorry potential stalkers out there.

And because I was having so much of a blast writing this blog, I started my second blog Izzy K: Fashion and Reviews (I'm thinking of changing the name of it soon so watch this space). I was enjoying reading fashion and beauty related posts so I thought why not try it out too? You don't have to be a genius with an IQ of 170 to work out that I wouldn't be the ideal beauty guru. With that said I do enjoy writing posts about any products I've tried or any tips I have. I'm no expert but everyone has to start somewhere and in my case there is just lots of room for improvement. So, so much room.

Next I want to move onto what I've actually achieved through this blog. The main thing has to be the fact that I'm actually starting to enjoy reading and writing. Somehow my two blogs have also reached over 6,500 views which is just completely crazy. I've also met the most amazing bloggers. I find it amazing that I can learn so much about people that live all around the world. Blogging has definitely opened many doors to meet the most wonderful, supportive people ever. 

Speaking of wonderful, supportive people I should mention Beau Bloggers. Last September I read Lauren's post about wanting to start a blogging community. I was just gaining a bit of confidence with blogging and I felt it was perfect timing to get involved in a community. I can't even believe how well the little community is going. I'd like to thank everyone who is involved in it because thanks to you I'm super proud of it!

And you may be wondering what I'm actually hoping to achieve through this blog. The answer is I honestly don't know. I'm hoping to grow it, not necessarily in masses of numbers but just in quality and quantity. I know it's extremely difficult to make it big as a blogger because there is just so much competition. As long I still enjoy writing posts like this in my bedroom in many years to come then I will be chuffed. There's no specific goal I want to reach, all I want to do with my blog is just write and write and write...

Thank you very much for reading. To be honest I don't mind if you skipped through it because it was very long but thank you nevertheless. The song of the day (this is something I do in all my posts) is Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson. I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for more of this xxx