Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Top 10 Favourite Bands

As you may already know despite having no musical talent myself, I freaking love listening to music. My all time favourite singer is Ed Sheeran. But generally, other than that my favourite musicians are all bands. 

In no particular order (like seriously how am I supposed to choose?) here are my top 10 bands:

1. One Direction

So far they have 3 albums out, and I love each one as much as the others. I think some people are just too embarrassed to admit they listen to 1D but they enjoy them deep, deep down. Personally, I think there's no shame in enjoying a bit of feel good music by these lovely (looking) lads. 

2. Little Mix

I've been a huge fan of these girls since the days of Rythmix. Everything from their fashion to their vocal range is just pure perfection. If I could be a member of any band, it would 100% be Little Mix!

3.The Script

Love, love, love the adorable Irish-ness with this group. Not just that though! Every one of their songs is up there in my all time favourite songs. It doesn't matter how often I listen to them, I simply cant get bored of them. 

4. 5 Seconds of Summer

Despite my friend desperately trying to get me addicted for ages, I've only been listening to them for about a few months. I'm really kicking myself now because I've realised how much awesomeness I've missed out on. These boys are absolutely hilarious too. They remind me of human puppies (just imagine thats a real thing ok) and it's impossible not to fall in love with them.

5.Girls Aloud

Girls Aloud were the first band I ever fangirled over. I know every lyric to every song (and proud of it) and I still listen to them nowadays. Not to mention the fact that I'm heartbroken I'm not Cheryl Cole. 

6.One Republic

 I've heard the song "Counting Stars" about 1000000 times and I'm still not even the slightest bit sick of it. I think my neighbours are though as I constantly play it. There album Native has been my life this summer.

7.N Dubz

N Dubz was a band that I was gutted split up. I like love a bit of rap and I always try to sing along with their songs. Their music is so catchy and upbeat, even my mum's a fan.

8.Maroon 5

I truly believe that Maroon 5 could be a band that anyone would like. They don't just stick to one genre of music and I like that they're always trying new things. 

9. McBusted 

My life was made complete when I found out that Mcfly and Busted had formed a super-boyband! Every time I listen to Busted I think of my 6th birthday party and hearing their song "crashed the wedding" play. As for Mcfly, I'm pretty sure I know every song. 

10. Coldplay

Listening to Coldplay is just Paradise (see what I did there?). They are one of the most famous bands around and they truly deserve to be for their amazing talent.

I hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about my music taste. What bands do you enjoy listening to? The song of the day is The Promise by Girls Aloud. Thanks for reading xxx