Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First day of Sixth Form

Sadly, the summer holidays have come to an end (too soon) which meant that I started my new Sixth Form.

Stupidly, I only applied for one Sixth Form. That was a bit risky but luckily I got the grades I needed.

My uniform is not as nice as previous years who were allowed to wear anything they wanted so long as it was classed as "smart-casual". I had hoped to wear pretty dresses and cute blouses but oh no, they had to go and change it didn't they! Instead I now have to dress like a middle aged business woman which is obviously every 16 year old's dream. The dress code is a black or grey suit, with a smart blouse or dress. 

Here is my black blazer and
 skirt that I'll wear with a blouse

My Sixth Form is at the same place as my old secondary school. I wasn't too nervous about starting, which is strange for me because I usually worry about everything. Quite a lot of my friends were going there. Also, I knew that those who were new would be even more scared than me. 

Today was the first day so not much work was done as you could expect. In the first two hours we met our forms and had an Assembly. Then we spent the rest of the morning getting to know everyone in our class with cringy name games. 

Lunch probably had to be the most exciting part of the day. For the first time ever we were allowed to leave the site and eat anywhere we wanted in town! Me and my friends decided to grab something to eat from Tesco but everyone else from Year 12 and 13 seemed to have the same idea too. This means Tesco was rather crowded. I even heard a woman doing her shopping there ask someone in my year "what time is your lunch break so I know not to come here at that time again".

In the afternoon we had lessons. My first lesson of the year was a free period, which I was pretty chuffed about. The final hour of the day I had RE. The course I'm taking is RE/ Philosophy which is really, really, really interesting but there's a lot to take in.

The A levels I'm doing are Biology, Chemistry, RE, Psychology and German. I've heard that the step up from GCSE to A Level is ridiculously difficult. However, I still hope to enjoy it and make the most out of these next two years.

I hope everyone had a nice summer and you are settling in well at school, sixth form, college, university, work or anywhere else you might be. The song of the day is Don't Stop by 5 Seconds of Summer.