Saturday, 30 August 2014

Summer Achievements

This year's summer holiday was the longest one I'll probably ever get in my life. As I said in my blog post here, there was a list of  5 things I wanted to do by the end of my holiday. Did I make the most of my summer? Well, lets just see...

These were my goals:

1. Blog more- As I had plenty of time on my hands this summer, I decided to spend it doing something I enjoy. Before starting my blog, I never realised how addictive writing is. But now I'm hooked and just can't stop. 

2. Exercise- These holidays I've spent a lot of my time at the gym and excising. 
*long silence*
I'm not really fooling anyone am I? OK, I did about 2 hours of exercise the whole holiday...

3.Sort out my room- This is something I actually did do. I've been good and organised my makeup collection, sorted out my wardrobe and just had a general tidy. 

A before and after pic. I didn't even realise 
it would be possible to see the back of my cupboard.

4.Read more- I said in a previous post that my goal this summer was too read all 7 Harry Potter books. That was a bit optimistic of me as I'm slowest reader in the world. Seriously. Somehow I did manage to read up to The Goblet Of Fire though, which is an achievement for me considering I've not read 4 books in my life, yet alone in one holiday. 

4 down, 3 to go

5.Social media- A lot of my summer was spent on social media...which may explain why not much exercise and reading was done. I've probably stalked way too many celebrities on Twitter and made too many posts on Tumblr but I regret nothing. I also made two videos for YouTube, one is yet to be uploaded though. That's probably my biggest accomplishment of the summer because I'm so shy I never, ever, ever thought I'd make videos.

The song of the day is
For The First Time by The Script. Thank you for taking the time to read about my summer. What did you get up to this summer?