Saturday, 23 August 2014

Germany 2014

As I said in my last blog post (here) every year me and my family go on holiday to Germany. We usually stop for about four weeks and this is what we got up to this time.

One of the best parts of going is seeing friends and family there. We stopped with my Opa (Grandad) and met up with friends throughout the holiday.

After a couple of days in Germany we took a ferry over to Switzerland to visit my uncle, aunt and cousin who live there. One of my favourite things to do in Switzerland is to see lakes or go up mountains. This year I was lucky enough to do both. We also arrived to see the firework display and bonfire they have on their national holiday. Unfortunately its a ridiculously expensive country. I mean 240 Euros for pizza for 7 people is quite expensive I'd say!
The bonfire display in Switzerland

Which brings me onto another favioute part of the!!! Somehow I always manage to eat twice as much food on holiday but I'm not complaining.
The cake shop that I didn't want to leave

We also love to pop to the the outdoor swimming pools and get a tan. The weather in Germany wasn't great this year (but still better than rainy England) so we only managed to go swimming outside 3 times.

When the weather isn't good, much like this year, I love going to the indoor swimming pool. Its one of the coolest swimming pools I've been to, the best part being two massive water slides.

Such a poser!

And because there is just too much to write about here's some pictures. After all, a picture speaks 1000 words.

(Credit to my mum for taking all these pictures)

Literally miss being on holiday so much and cant wait to go back again next year. The song of the day is Rude by Magic because I probably heard it about 200 times on holiday.