Thursday, 28 December 2017

A Summary Of 2017

Ah 2017... what a crazy crazy year. Honestly from start to finish it has been pure madness!

As far as years go, I feel like this one has definitley personally had the largest amount of ups and downs I've ever experienced. But I'm a huge believer in everything happening for a reason and the amount I feel like I have learned about myself and life in general are astronomical.

And most importantly this year has taught me that everything I never thought would be possible, is in fact possible. Both the terribly bad and the good. 

So in reflection on this year, I decided to share a little summary of all my highlights:

  • January 2nd- I started this year off (well the first day of the year that I wasn't hungover) with a walk with two of my best friends Georgie and Laura.

  • January 6th- My birthday celebrations began with me going out with my friends from my old 6th form.

  • January 14- My 19th Birthday and my favourite birthday so far. I honestly had the perfect day starting off with going to my favourite restaurant in Birmingham with my family. And in the evening I went out with my friends from work to Popworld in Birmingham and had the funniest night out ever!

  • February 19th- My Grandparents, Aunt, cousin and I went to Lanzerote for a week.
  • March 16th- All Time Low concert.
  • April 12th- First (of many) Driving Test... yeah I still need to pass that!
  • April 15th- My family went to watch Billy Elliot on stage and omg what an amazing show it is!
  • April 23rd- The shop I work at had an official party and although I made a complete tit of myself it was still a good laugh to look back on.
  • April 28th- My sister received surprise Ed Sheeran tickets for her birthday and was kind enough to take me. Not that she really had a choice because she knows she'd be disowned if she didn't ;)
  • May 2nd- Traveled for a month around Eastern Europe with my best friend.
Here's a little montage of my trip!
  • July- Ok I can't remember the exact date but I went to Germany to visit my family for 3 weeks.

Here are my Germany vlogs in case you missed them
  • August 4th- I attended the youtube convention Summer In The City. This was the first time I traveled to London by myself and I had the most amazing time with the youtube squad :)

  • September 9th- Me and my work friends went out into Birmingham to say goodbye because a lot of us were leaving for Uni in a few days.

  • September 11th- Me and my work friends went out for drinks again to say goodbye.
  • September 12th- Ok me and my work friends went out for drinks for a 3rd time to say goodbye because we're alcoholics #noshame
  • September 15th- Had my last shift at work after a year and 3 days of working there. This was my first job and I honestly adored everyone I worked with.
  • September 15th- Had a mini holiday to Tenby, Wales with my family

  • September 23rd- Moved to Liverpool for university and officially moved out!
Mad love for my flat

  • September 24th- I met Jo from S club in Liverpool. Honestly made my entire life!
We didn't force her to take this picture at all!

  • September 25th- I attended my first university lecture... whilst very hungover!
  • October 19th- Submitted my first two university assignments. This was a big deal to me because I hadn't done any sort of classwork in over a year.
  • November 14th- I watched The Killers perform live in Manchester
  • November 18th- I watched Little Mix in Birmingham
  • December 16th- I came back to Birmingham again for the Christmas holidays.
  • December 17th- My old work allowed me to have a Christmas job again and this was my first day back to the madness.
  • December 25th- Christmas Day, and this was honestly one of the best one's I've ever had

So that's been a summary of my year. Thank you very much to anyone that's been reading my blog over the last year, you're support means the world. The song of the day is Glorious by Macklemore because I feel like that is the song of the year for me. 

Here's to 2018, may it continue to be just as crazy as ever!

Izzy K xxx