Thursday, 30 April 2015

Olly Murs Never Been Better Tour

On April 28th I was lucky enough to see the amazing Olly Murs in concert. I've been so, so, so excited for this concert as I've been a fan since X-Factor and I can't believe I hadn't seen him live before. Like how is that possible? 

Again I must apologize for the lack of pictures, 
my camera takes rubbish photos at concerts. 

We arrived when it was still fairly empty, which was understandable because it was a Tuesday and people would have still been at work. This made it ideal to take silly pictures for our Snapchat stories since no one was around to judge us. The arena filled very quickly, which was very impressive considering it was the third night in Birmingham. 

The amazing man him self obviously had a support act. It was the wonderful Ella Eyre, who's voice I personally find incredible. She performed her previous hits from the charts as well as her new single, "Together". I must say that she did a good job supporting as she definitely got the crowd excited for the concert. Luckily that wasn't the last we saw of her either because she came back on to sing "Up" with Olly. 

Olly himself said that this was one of the hardest tours to put together. He's been on four tours before, and having to put all his greatest hits from them on one tour must have been difficult. He did a good job of including his classics such as "Dance With Me Tonight, Troublemaker, Never Been Better, Right Place Right Time". My personal favourite performance of the night was a medley of "Please Don't Let Me Go, Busy" and "Thinking Of Me". I just think those three songs worked perfectly together. 

You can just tell that Olly Murs is a lovely guy. He cracked jokes the whole night in between songs and interacted with the front row. He comes across as a very cheeky chappie too; he kept shaking his booty to the songs which was hilarious. As he was changing, he made the whole crowd "aww" by showing a video of his biggest fan, his nephew, who was wishing him luck. You can tell an artist is great from how they perform live, and let me just say that he gave one of the best live performances I've ever seen. It's definitely worth the money to go.

No excuse me while I go and listen to nothing but Olly Murs on repeat for the next few weeks! The song of the day just has to be Busy by Olly Murs because its my absolute favourite song of his. What do you guys think of him? xxx