Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My First Driving Lesson

So today something quite exciting happened. I drove for the first time! It was different to how I thought it would be but good fun nevertheless.

My Mum wanted to be sentimental and capture the moment
(Don't worry I was pulling an awful face on purpose)

Now if you know me well, you will know that I have always wanted to drive. I have literally been counting the days to my 17th birthday since I was about 12. I just think I'll feel so mature doing it. Since I'm always being patronized for looking about half my age I can't wait to show people that I can do something really "grown up".

Now the irony is that although I have been waiting for my 17th birthday for years, I didn't go driving until now...and my birthday was in January. Woops! I've had my driving lessons on my to-do list for a while now but I just haven't got round to and actually doing it. One reason was because I didn't have my insurance for a while because me and my family weren't sure who to use. We probably should have looked that up before hand! Also, and this is the main reason, I have had soooo much work and revision to do. I've basically been cocooning in a pile of revision notes in my bed for the last few months.

I had my first driving lesson with my Mum because I didn't want to be judged by a driving instructor. I know they're used to teaching beginners, but trust me I would be exceptionally bad. I haven't driven properly yet, like not on a road or anything. Me and my Mum practiced in an empty car park so I could get used to the car and everything. Overall I think it went pretty well (by that I mean I didn't crash). However I did keep forgetting how to break and just ended up stalling the engine a lot instead #mybad!

So that was my first little driving experience and I can't wait to have more lessons. Hopefully I'll pass as soon as possible but knowing me it will take a few years till that day actually comes. After all, I managed to fail my cycling proficiency which is quite an achievement. Thanks for reading, the song of the day is Like I Can by Sam Smith. See you guys soon xxx