Tuesday, 28 January 2014

10 facts about me


Hello Internet! 
As this is my first ever blog post i decided to do a little introduction about myself. Here are 10 facts about me:
  •  Once upon a time i was born in England. (By once upon a time i mean in 1998)
  • When i was 13 I became a vegetarian after i found out some very disturbing facts about what sausages  were made out of. Admittedly, it took my a while to get over my meaty cravings but now i can cope perfectly fine with people eating meat in front of me without wanting to scoff it too. I'm also not one of those people who like to shove their beliefs down other peoples throats so I'm perfectly happy if the people around me enjoy eating meat.
Ummmm yeah I'll just stick to my salad thanks. Who am i kidding i dont really eat that healthy, i just dont eat meat.
  • Another reason why i became a vegetarian was because I absolutely LOVE animals and i have had many pets throughout the years including, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, chickens and even stick insects.
This will no doubt be me in 10 years time
  • My hair is naturally light brown but life's too short to keep it one colour. This year alone ive been blonde, honey brown/blonde, medium brown, blackcurrant, bright red and back to brown. After school I'd like to experiment with a range of bright colours such as pink and purple but whether I'll do it is another matter.
Can i just have pink hair please???
  • I love having more than one of something a time because I'm always so scared that the things i like to use will run out before I can buy a new one, i'll lose it or I just don't have enough of it. Over the years i've had lots of these "collections" such as; nail varnish, mascara, lip gloss and lately Yankee candles.

  • My biggest fear is heights. Even looking out of the window of a tall building causes me become jumpy and paranoid. I hate having fears so im constantly looking to get over it. Every year when i go on holiday I take opportunities such as rock climbing and mountain walking which has helped as i'm nowhere near as much frightened of heights as i used to be.
Oh my....
  • There's not one specific genre of music that I like the best, I like a bit of pop, singer song writer, rap and even the occasional bit of rock. My absolute favorite singer is Ed Sheeran. However I do also like Little Mix, One Direction, The Script, Mcfly, Lana Del Rey, Christina Aguilera, Eminem, Macklemore and pretty much any Disney song.
  • I can stand socks. There I said it! I hate everything about them. The feel of them. The way they cling to your feet. I will literally get into a massive strop if I'm told to put them on.
Urrghh look at them just sitting there!!!
  • My strangest habit is i cry whenever I'm overwhelmed with cuteness. If I see a baby animal I'm almost guaranteed to bawl my eyes out.
Well I didn't look strange at all crying when this scene came on at the cinema!
  • And finally I'm really, really, REALLY obsessed with food. The only thing i can think about is when my next meal will be (even if I've just eaten). If something has cheese on it or chocolate in it i will eat it and good luck trying to keep me away from Nandos.

Those were just 10 little facts about me and what I like. Feel free to leave a little comment and thanks for reading it!