Thursday, 22 March 2018

TV Characters We All Love To Hate

Every TV show has THAT character. The one who you would hate to be friends with in real life, yet they're the ones who you actually watch the show for. After all, they are the show.

Here are my top ten fave characters that I know I should hate, but I just simply love them:

10. Cook from Skins

This loveable rogue is the one of the love interests of Effy, and all though she ends up being #teamfreddie you as the audience cant help but have a soft spot for good ol' Cook. Despite his hard outer shell, he really is a big softy on the inside.

9. Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders

He's the baddie. But do we care? No we don't. We're routing for gangster Tommy, and his clan the whole way. Plus, as a Brummie, I approve of his accent!

8. Cheryl Blossom from Riverdale

Cheryl can be a bit cold hearted. But honestly we're all here for it. Her clever plans and wicked ways just are the life and soul of Riverdale, and lets face it we all kinda wanna be her.

7. Frank Gallagher from Shameless

This applies for both the UK and US version. Frank is a lazy lazy lazy father who simply isn't doing a lot for himself or others for that matter. Even though we wouldn't be jumping through hoops to have him in our own family, he really is the ultimate storyline behind the show.

6. Ross from Friends

If you know a "Ross" in person, all I'm saying is "Run". He's clingy, he's big headed and in my opinion just annoying in general. Yet his storylines are the best. I'm willing to fight anyone who says "The One With Ross's Tan" isn't the ultimate best episode.

5. Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon is a difficult one. His pedantic ways require a certain type of person to tolerate him, yet the comedy he provides to the show is pure genius (if you'll pardon the pun). But honestly TBBT is a show I love to hate in general.

4. Vod from Fresh Meat

She is the bee's knees and she knows it. The word "cool" was invented by Vod, yet she really uses this to her advantage to be able to do exactly whatever she wants and when because she knows she can.

3. Nathan from Misfits

The ultimate naughty boy. He's got no filter which explains how he gets himself into tricky situations. Is Misfits even Misfits without Nathan?

2. Jay from The Inbetweeners

How he thinks he's getting away with his blatant lies is beyond us. Jay is the sort where you tell him you've been to Tenerife and next thing you know he's been to Elevenerife. The cringe is real, but we can't stop watching.

1. Ned Flanders from The Simpsons

He really knows how to grind Homer's (and our) gears, but he's so innocent bless him. Let's be real, we all know a Ned IRL. 

So here are the top ten characters we all love to hate. The song of the day is Drunk In Love by Beyonce. Let me know if you feel any other characters should be on this list,

Izzy K xxx