Thursday, 8 February 2018

Survival Guide For Moving To A New City

In September I made the life decision to move from Birmingham to Liverpool to start university. I really wanted to move somewhere away from home so I picked Liverpool because it's 2 hours away and I knew a couple of people from the city who really hyped it up. 

There are lots of differences you notice when you go city to city. I'm the sort of person that really likes change and can't stay put in one place for too long, and here are my top tips for moving to a new city...

  • Plan before you actually pack your bags and move- You'll want to make sure you're fully prepared before you get there, so you'll settle easily. Make sure you pop to Ikea before hand to pick up all your homeware essentials.
This was honestly me moving into uni

  • Sort our your admin before you get there- You want to be set up in your new home straight away. Make sure you register for a doctor and dentist, and don't leave that to when you're actually sick. Ask for all important letters (bank statements etc) to be sent to your new address.

  • Visit the area before you actually move- There's be nothing worse than moving to a city and realizing you've been catfished and it's nothing like you saw in the pinterest pictures. You'll want to get to know where all the best restaurants and night life is so you have something to do while your there. And figure out the public transport online before you get there too. Bus prices are something that vary loads city to city, so make sure you know all the best tickets to get for public transport and if it's worth getting a transport pass.

  • Meet up with people you may already know in the city- in the 21st century long distance friendships are common, so it may be likely that you already know someone where you're moving to. There's nothing better than a familiar face to help you get settled.
Why not meet a friend for coffee?

  • Keep busy- whether this be joining a social club, really keeping on top of your studies, getting a job. Making sure you're always doing something and socializing helps beat homesickness. 

  • Take into account the change in weather- I've only moved 2 hours north but let me tell you, it's bloody freezing. So chances are, if you're moving to another part of the country, or even world, you'll have to prepare for the temperature change.
Me walking around Liverpool in the Winter

  • Learn the accent- the scouse accent is definitely one that took me a while to be able to understand. There's nothing more humiliating than trying to buy something in the shop and having to ask the person at the till "what" a million times. 
I do love the Scouse though!

So that's been my top tips for moving away from home. The song of the day is The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera because it's a timeless classic. Thank you for reading,

Izzy K xxx