Sunday, 8 May 2016

Shawn Mendes Crazy London Adventure

Me and Georgie were lucky enough to get tickets to see the absolutely wonderful human being who is Shawn Mendes on the 6th of May. Only problem was the concert was in London... and we don't really know our way around London.

We decided to get the train from our local train station straight down to London at around 3pm, so to leave us time we got to the station at 2.30pm. But it was just our luck that on that day nothing seemed to go as planned, starting with the train being delayed until about 4 o'clock. And when we did get on the train, the only seats available were in the "quite zone" where you're politely asked to remain as silent as possible. But let's face it, when me and Georgie are together, being quite is not a realistic expectation so I think the whole carriage was blessed with hearing our little chats. 

When we arrived it was about quarter to 6 and we needed to get to Hammersmith from Marylebone as soon as possible. Baring in mind, we had no idea how the tubes actually worked, so we googled which ones to take and attempted to buy the tickets. The ticket machines would only take cash or cards to pay, and guess which two muppets only brought money in the form of notes with them? So we quickly had to buy mints from the shops to get the change we needed.

Then we finally hoped on a tube and we followed where we were going on the map and realised that the tube was going the complete opposite way to where we needed to go. So then we had to quickly hop off at the next stop, and being anxious of the time, we had to find the tube that goes the other way. And then typically, the station that we had to get off on was closed until the 26th of August... brilliant!

So having absolutely no idea where to go and legit thinking we'd miss the concert, we asked a women next to us on the tube where we could get off since the station was closed, to which she responded "SHIT IS IT?!", she had to get off there too. Luckily, she seemed to know where she was going so me and Georgie subtlety followed her (ok she totally knew that we were stalking her and we probs creeped her out) until we found the next tube. It was an absolute miracle when we got to Hammersmith. 

We were so happy when we finally made it!

We knew that the venue for the concert was close to the station, but for some reason we couldn't see it despite it being right opposite the station. And I mean right in front of the station. Like right in front. We spent longer than I'd like to admit looking for it!

Luckily, the doors hadn't opened by the time we got there so we didn't actually end up missing the start of the concert which I was surprised at. And can I just say how talented Shawn really is. He definitely had amazing stage presence and had the whole audience engaged all the time. Each song was performed to perfection and I don't think there was a single person in the room not up on their feet dancing, singing along and just having an amazing time in general. 

Sorry I only got really rubbish photos, 
but I thought I'd share them anyway

I would say that the absolute best part of the concert was when he got the whole room quite. And I mean it was so quite it was almost ghostly, and you could hear the microphones buzzing and everything. He was determined to get the whole room silent, and every time someone would say something he would just continue to make it silent. Then he stood on stage and sang the chorus of the song, completely acoustic and no microphone. It was completely bizarre to hear the singer of the song's you've been listening to for ages, actually just sing it right in front of you. He managed to sing it so loud without a microphone you were even able to hear him at the back of the venue which was incredible. 

Unfortunately, we looked like such fake fans and had to leave early to catch the last train back, which meant I missed Stitches, one of my absolute favourite songs in the world :( We went outside to find the taxi that we pre-booked, but it never showed up which was rather annoying so we had to leg it to the tube station last minute. Aaagaiiin, we had no change so we quickly had to run to a newsagent and buy mints again. We just about managed to grab the tube in time and when I searched how long it would take to get back to Marylebone it said 29 minutes on google maps. Then the panic started to set in because it was 10.47 and we had a train to catch at 11.05. We legit thought we wouldn't make it but it turns out google maps was just lying to us and it only took us 10 minutes to get us. We didn't realise that in time though to stop us running all the way up the escalators in the station in between tube stops. So needless to say we got there pretty out of breath. 

So that was our little adventure in London. Even though it was pretty stressful at times, I still had an amazing time. I just wish we could have watched the whole thing because he's absolutely amazing live. I will 10/10 be getting tickets to see him again. The song of the day is Something Big by the man himself, Shawn Mendes. Do you listen to Shawn Mendes, if so what is your favourite song of his?

Izzy K xxx

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