Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Beau Bloggers Post of The Month: International Fashion

Every month on the blogging community Beau Bloggers there is a new theme that members can participate in if they wish. This month's theme happened to be "International Fashion" which I thought was really fascinating to write about.

As I already have a second blog Izzy K: Fashion & Reviews, it would make sense to write about it there rather than on my personal lifestyle blog. 

This post was called "Style Appreciation: Meghan Trainor vs Sprinkle Of Glitter". Meghan Trainor is an American singer whereas Louise is a British YouTuber. Despite growing up in different environments, they both seem to have a similar style. I really admire their look so I thought it would be fun to analyse it and see where they may have also influenced each other. 

Beau Bloggers Posts Of The Month are great fun to get involved in, as is being involved in the community itself. The more joining and writing posts the merrier. 

Thank you for reading this little post. The song of the day is Lips Are Movin which is by the woman herself, Meghan Trainor